Results of a valve assessment and maintenance program are the need to replace broken valves and the installation of additional valves for adequate distribution system isolation.

Compared to standard valve shut down procedures, Line Stops significantly reduce:

  • The number of customers affected by water shut down
  • Customer notification
  • Planning resources
  • Overall manpower needs
  • Water loss

R&M Service Solutions performs Line Stopping on water mains up to 60”

R&M proudly offers the Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve and the Team Insertvalve which allow for installation without water shutdown. R&M provides you the flexibility to determine the insert valve that best suits your application.

R&M provides complete “turnkey” programs or works in tandem with Utilities desiring to assist in the excavation, traffic maintenance, or restoration of property/pavement.

R&M tailors comprehensive plans for fire hydrant repair, replacement or installation meeting the needs and resources of the Utility.