Trusted by Utility Departments for their Water Distribution Systems

R&M Service Solutions is a leader of Water Distribution System Repair and Maintenance. Armed with the expertise, equipment, and a skilled team ready to serve Utility Departments for their Hydrant, Valve GPS, GIS programs and Pipe Diagnostics. When an emergency arises, you can count on R&M Service Solutions to be ready for deployment with their 24 Hour Emergency Services.

WHY R & M?

R&M Service Solutions is a specialized Underground Utility Services Company with a focus on fire hydrants, valves, GPS, GIS services and Pipe Diagnostics Technology. R&M Service Solutions has the expertise, experience, equipment and skilled personnel needed by Utility Departments for the successful completion of their Hydrant, Valve GPS, GIS programs and Pipe Diagnostics Technology. Our staff’s experience includes work for some of the most respected utilities throughout the United States from California to Pennsylvania, Illinois to Florida – R&M is the solution for your hydrant, valve, GPS and GIS needs.

Client Feedback

R & M is reliable, fast and our choice for continued maintenance and emergency repairs.”
Bob S., City of Orange