Line stopping is a process that involves cutting into a pipe and inserting a plug to isolate a specific portion of a water main.

Line Stops can be accomplished in multiple configurations including:

  • Single – working in conjunction with another valve
  • Double – two plugs installed on each side of the area of pipe to be isolated

Use of Line Stops Greatly Reduce:

  • The amount of water main isolated
  • The number of customers affected
  • The amount of lost water
  • The planning and cost associated with scheduled shut down

R&M Service Solutions performs Line Stopping on water mains up to 60”

R&M Service Solutions is fully equipped and trained to safely perform line stops from 1” through 60” and taps on pipe from 1” through 48”. R&M excavates, performs single or double Line Stops and restores the area to pre-excavation conditions.

R&M provides complete “turnkey” programs or works in tandem with Utilities desiring to assist in the excavation, traffic maintenance, or restoration of property/pavement.

R&M tailors comprehensive plans for repair, replacement or installation meeting the needs and resources of the Utility.