R&M Solutions provides complete “turnkey” programs or works in tandem with Utilities desiring to assist in the excavation, traffic maintenance, or
restoration of property/pavement.

R&M Solutions tailors comprehensive plans for fire hydrant repair, replacement or installation meeting the needs and resources of the Utility.

R&M’s Program Includes:

  • Fire hydrant exercising
  • Main valve replacement
  • Internal repairs of all hydrant makes / models*
  • Fire hydrant / isolation valve replacement utilizing:

    > Scheduled water shut down
    > Up to 60” single or double line stops

  • New fire hydrant installation including wet tap
  • Site excavation / post-excavation restoration
  • Turn-key or CIP service programs
  • Miscellaneous point repairs

*Parts are no longer available for some older hydrants; in these cases replacement of hydrant would be recommended.