A valve maintenance program will add to the service life of your valves.

R&M Service Solution’s program provides you with the flexibility to plan for and schedule system repairs / improvements to better meets your needs and utilize your resources.

R&M’s Valve Maintenance and Assessment program complies with AWWA standards and can be tailored to meet any specific requirements of your Utility.

R&M’s Program Includes:

  • Locate valve
  • Raise valve box to grade
  • Align valve box (if outside of pavement)
  • Clean valve box
  • Operate the valve – two complete cycles
  • Obtain GPS coordinates of hydrant and isolation valve
  • Paint valve box lid
  • Document pertinent data
    > Location, type, size, open direction, number of turns and deficiencies

  • Present information in a user friendly format
  • Report malfunctioning or closed valves immediately
  • GPS valve location – sub-foot or sub meter

Additional Services:

  • Installation of valve I.D. tag
  • Leak sounding at each valve location
  • Post Processing of GPS data