About R&M Service Solutions

R&M Service Solutions has the expertise, experience, equipment and skilled personnel needed by Utility Departments for the successful completion of their Hydrant, Valve GPS,  GIS programs and Pipe Diagnostics.


Our staff’s experience includes work for some of the most respected utilities throughout the United States from California to Pennsylvania, Illinois to Florida – R&M is the solution for your Hydrant, Valve, GPS,  GIS and Pipe Diagnostics needs.


The “R” in R&M represents our partner – John Rakoczy –  owner of RangeLine Tapping Services, Inc. RangeLine offers wet tapping, hot tapping, line stopping and Valve insertion services throughout the United States. Rangeline maintains and operates the largest selection of “state of the art” Tapping and Line Stopping equipment in the Country.

R&M’s goal is to always exceed our customer’s expectations

R&M’s Data Acquisition Division which is responsible for management and QC of all data gathered in the field. Through spatial data, mapping, ESRI and Windows applications, databases and documentation, our Data Acquisition division customizes solutions for our customers to achieve seamless integration of data into the customer’s GIS systems. In most cases, data gathered in the field can be turned around to our customers within 24 hours.

R&M Service Solutions look forward to partnering with you for the successful completion of your next project.